Taiwan: Pork feet (豬腳)

Last month, I travelled to Taiwan for about a week, to visit my sick grandmother. Although the occasion was not a happy one, I still love going back, to embed myself in the Taiwanese culture, see my relatives and of course, eat the food.

I will be posting a few entries about Taiwan: it could be a particular dish, restaurant or experience.

Here is my grandmother’s (on my Mum’s side) home-made pork feet.

My grandparents used to be butchers (mainly pork) and they still dabble in it, especially around Chinese New Year.

As my Dad tells me, the texture of the pork is important, and you have to get the highest quality pork, with the four bones in the foot clearly visible and undamaged.

If you have never tried this, it is a glutinous, pork fat that melts in your mouth. There are of course, bits of pork meat, but the winner is definitely the fat.

I love this dish and it reminds me so much of where I come from, especially my dear grandmother.


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