Review: 3 Weeds Hotel, Rozelle

When I was a little kid, I used to think the only food you could get at the pub was fish and chips, steak and gravy and a chicken schnitzel which felt like you were cutting into a rock.

3 Weeds Hotel, in Rozelle, has fast become my favourite pub. I really haven’t been to many, so please let me know of your favourite.

Confit pork belly with cauliflower puree, scallops, edible flowers and baby herbs ($18)

First Impression

There’s really something about the inner west that I love. Narrow streets lined with beautiful terraced houses and really friendly people. Most of the times I’ve been to 3 Weeds has been on a Sunday but parking hasn’t been a problem. From a public transport point of view, there’s not a train station nearby so you’ll have to rely on buses.

3 Weeds is one of the oldest pubs in the inner west, established in 1881. Inside, the decorations are tasteful, with five metre cathedral ceilings, beautiful timber furniture, lounges and a sandstone fireplace. 

There are long tables for groups, lounges for a more intimate sitting and also high tables and chairs for couples.


While there’s a restaurant at 3 Weeds too (which I’d love to try one day), the bar menu is what we usually go for. Shan loves the tapas option, which is $18 for three plates served with ciabatta bread.

Tapas with marinated goats cheese, Shanghai prawns wrapped in noodles and croquette

The dish is served on a large, rustic wooden board. Much to Shan’s dismay, I tasted all of the tapas dishes. The goat’s cheese was not as overpowering as I expected and had a really nice aroma and texture. The prawns were fresh and I found the combination of the noodles wrapped around it a nice touch.

My favourite is the confit pork belly with cauliflower puree, scallops and edible flowers. Pork belly is one of my favourite dishes and when it’s on form, the taste is unreal. Everything in this dish complements each other.

Shanghai prawns wrapped in noodles

For drinks there are a host of beers on tap and an extensive wine list. I really like the 3 Weeds house beer they serve, brewed on the premises.

Sobrasada (soft Majorcan chorizo) spread on bread

Every time I go to this pub, there’s something on the menu I want to come back and try. The staff are really top notch too. The first time we came, the food took a little longer than expected to come out and they gave us a bowl of chips to keep us quiet. Phenomenal service. I imagine Inner Westies all know about 3 Weeds but for people outside the area, you have to try it.


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