Where can I find some exceptional ramen?

Clockwise from top left: chicken karaage ramen, shoyu ramen, Kogashi-Ninniku ramen and shoyu ramen.

Ramen is definitely one of my favourite meals, especially in winter. It’s cheap, filling and so satisfying.

The rich broth ladled with fat (but not too much), ramen noodles, soft boiled egg, bamboo shoots, thin-sliced and slow-cooked pork and finally topped with a square sheet of seaweed. The ultimate combination.

I haven’t had ramen in Japan, but Sydney certainly has some quality choices. Ryo’s in North Sydney, Gumshara in Chinatown, Zenya in Eastwood and Menya in the CBD, just to name a few.  Surely there must be other places?

Tell me about your favourite ramen shop! I’m heading to Tokyo next month, so international submissions are also welcome.

Feel free to check out  this New York Times feature about ramen and make sure you watch this video. Brilliant work.


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