We’re off to Japan! Where should we eat?

Sushi platter @ Tatsuya, West Ryde

Japanese food is definitely one of my favourite cuisines, so you can imagine how excited I am to be visiting Tokyo and Hiroshima on Saturday.

The types of food I want to eat are nearly endless; sushi, sashimi, udon, teppanyaki, ramen, okonomiyaki, katsu and so much more.

I will definitely be eating sushi and sashimi at the Tsukiji fish markets in Tokyo.

Tuna sushi @ Ichiraku, Eastwood

What I am interested in is how much better will the food be, how much will it cost and what Japanese people really like to eat.

Do you have any suggestions on places to go? Which places are a must-visit? Leave a comment below, hit up my Facebook or Twitter. Thanks!


3 thoughts on “We’re off to Japan! Where should we eat?

  1. You will be in for such a treat. A simple ramen can be bought for as little as 700 yen and you get to slurp as loud as you want. The bar at Park Hyatt is great for a twilight views and drinks. Many top rated places have a fixe prix lunch deal. We went to Nobu at Roppongi. If you want to splurge try La Rochelle (run by one of the Iron Chefs) at Omote Sando.

    1. how exciting! To be honest I didn’t book any places when I went, pretty much just winged it. But I heard Sushi Dai at the fish markets (has it moved yet?) and Sukiyabashi Jiro are essential. But any ramen, udon, tempura, sushi place you walk into will be better than anywhere here! Love you blog by the way

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