The Carrington, Surry Hills (CLOSED)

Morcilla with potato hash and fried duck egg ($16)

Out of all of the meals during day and night, I think breakfast is the most sacred. Add a full-time job and the promise of a Saturday or Sunday morning, and the bar is raised high. As I’ve found in the past, everything has to be perfect for breakfast.

We arrived at The Carrington in Surry Hills, with the sun streaming into the windows. A sneak preview of the pub’s breakfast offering by Jamie Thomas beckoned. I’d seen pictures tweeted by chef Thomas prior to coming and I knew this wasn’t going to be your normal breakfast.

Part of the Drink & Dine Group, I really love how the menu is set out. Nothing fancy, just clean font and presentation. There are your standard breakfast fare; bacon and egg rolls, big breakfast, eggs and toast and muesli. However, there’s a sprinkling of style from the chef, which makes the menu his own. More non-traditional dishes include the torrijas; grilled banana and banana ice cream, a piquillo pepper and goat’s cheese omelette and rainbow porridge; a mix of walnuts, pecans, apricots, dates and fried milk.

Did we mention the drinks mention? There’s a “Hard” and “Soft” side with the latter containing the usual teas, coffees and shakes, but also horchatas. The “Hard” side however is a different beast. Mimosa, Bloody Mary and other cocktails. The bacon caesar really catches my eye; bacon-infused vodka, clamato and spice mix plus more, but I’m not game enough. Next time.

I opted for the morcilla and potato hash with fried duck egg ($16) and Shannon chooses the avocado, tomato and goat’s cheese ($9). Because this was a preview for the main event, coffee was not being served; no biggie, as two tall, fresh-made orange juices soon arrived. Service is prompt and chirpy, but not too in-your-face for a Sunday morning.

Avocado, tomato and goat’s cheese with ciabatta ($9)

The dishes arrive soon enough and I am impressed. My plate is laced with bite-sized pieces of potato immersed with the morcilla; a Spanish blood sausage. There are green beans in the dish as well and it is all finished off with generous seasonings, some of which escape my limited food knowledge. Everything is bite-sized, which I enjoyed. The duck egg on the top really finishes it off. Thomas, who has just rolled out his deep-fried lasagne at the Abercrombie, is really the King of the Deep Fry.

Morcilla with potato hash and fried duck egg ($16)

The sausage is flavoursome but not too overpowering in taste or oiliness and I liked the layering of the firm beans, soft potato and the morcilla sandwiched in between, in terms of texture. I think this would be a great hangover cure and it won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed after a traditional sausages, bacon and eggs.

Gooey goodness of the fried duck egg

Shannon’s dish also looked like a cracker. I managed to steal a piece and if you’re after something more light, this is your ticket. It’s not too complex but the combinations work brilliantly.

Avocado, tomato and goat’s cheese with ciabatta ($9)

After a fantastic breakfast, we left The Carrington in a cheery mood, to the Aroma Festival in the Rocks. Much like its pub fare and pintxos, The Carrington doesn’t drop its game for breakfast. Breakfast officially kicks off this weekend (August 4), but I can’t wait to go back when everything is in full swing.

*shiitake and stuff dined courtesy of The Carrington. 

The Carrington Specialite: Beba y Cene on Urbanspoon


4 thoughts on “The Carrington, Surry Hills (CLOSED)

  1. The morcilla hash looks amazing – love duck eggs for breakfast! Wishing I was a little close as I have heard such good things about the Carrington for breakfast and we be sure to make this a regular.

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