The food in Malaysia far outstrips the cuisine of any other country I have visited so far. The dishes here are bold: both in presentation and taste. I am not even ashamed to admit I often had two dishes for lunch and dinner, just to maximise the types of food I could try.

It is a fascinating country. Influences from the large Indian, Chinese and Malay populations have made the place a dream for food tourists.

From the dishes Australians know and love such as roti canai, char kwey teow and of course the mighty laksa, there are many other types of Malaysian food which will blow your socks off.

Lor mee is a noodle soup with a thick, gravy-like soup which I gobbled to my heart’s content. Curry mee reminded me a lot of the laksa at home.

But it’s not all about noodles. I had an epic ayam goreng (fried chicken on rice pictured below) along the beach in George Town. The standard in Malaysia is ridiculous. If it is served at a street cart, there is a 99 per cent chance it is going to be good.


Who can forget nasi goreng wrapped with banana leaf? An ensemble of coconut rice, dried fish and fiery sambal. It is the breakfast of Malaysian champions. And the legendary chicken satay.


I am really glad I visited Malaysia. The people are friendly, the weather is hot and the food is incredible.


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