Cheese noodles

Cheese noodles at Sun Kee Restaurant, Hong Kong

Comfort food has experienced a resurgence of late. Who cares about our health? Bring me anything that is deep-fried, laced with butter or just straight-up unhealthy. I love this type of food. With every bite – and every spoonful – something clicks in your brain and everything is right with the world. It can be absolutely anything. 3am kebab with extra cheese? Tick. Hot chips smothered with gravy? Tick. Fried chicken? Massive tick. So what do you think of when you hear “cheese noodles”? I’d heard about this mythical dish from people who had visited Hong Kong before. To me, it sounded like the most glorious thing in the world. After half an hour of aggressive Googling and subsequent #foodporn overload, I put my foot down. “I must eat these cheese noodles…NOW.”


As the server dumped the bowl of steamy goodness on my table, it looked as I expected. The cheese sauce acted as a blanket for the noodles and strips of grilled neck. Definitely not aesthetically pleasing. But we weren’t here for presentation. I was instructed to mix the beautiful mess together and I obeyed. It was as though I had to go searching for treasure.

Many people swear by the motto of “add cheese to any food and it becomes better”. I am inclined to agree. The cheese sauce is the star of the show. It is creamy and retains a gooey form as it hooks up with the ramen noodles. Rumour has it this place uses three types of cheese to produce the perfect concoction. And the grilled pork neck adds an element of sweetness and smokiness. Give me this bowl of devilish goodness any day of the week. I’ve been back to Sun Kee four times since my first visit. What comfort foods do you enjoy?


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